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Pain is a Given, Suffering is Optional

Pain is a given, suffering is optional.

On a trip to Nashville, Tennessee we heard these words from a CMA country song writer of the year. He was quoting his mentor, an eight time CMA award winning song writer who in a tragic accident was badly burned from head to toe. One day he asked his mentor, “How do you do it? How can you write such beautiful songs when you are in such pain every day?”

He replied, “Pain is a given, suffering is optional”.

How many of us are suffering, needlessly. How many of us are prisoners in our own minds and no one else knows? Pain in life is all around us, it’s a given. Suffering is our choice. When you realize you have the power to choose you can take your power back. You can take your own space. You can choose gratitude. You can chose to suffer less.

When the familiar pattern of self-doubt or self-sabotage begins to creep in, just try to be aware of it. Try accepting the feeling. Try to find gratitude.

Next time you find yourself suffering, try repeating to yourself “I love you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. Thank you.” You may be surprised what sort of a profound difference repeating these simple words can make.

Remember, suffering is optional.